This is the complete list of Stack’s changelogs throughout its development and progresses. By checking the changelogs of the released versions, you are informed what were added and/or fixed thus far.

1.0.5 (2021 March 01)

Add Added trading status for turned in trade logs and total points redeemed
Add Added special mastery services for event and member cards
Fix Ability to set card break when adding an upcoming deck
Add Added option to enable/disable chatbox on the sidebar
Add Add option to enable/disable MOTM/MOTW on the sidebar
Added member of the week/month to the sidebar (shows when enabled, hides when disabled)
Allow an admin to choose between member of the week or month
Allow an admin to open/close voting for member of the week/month
Automatically set the member when a new week/month starts as its MOTM/MOTW
Fix Game rewards function can now generate choice cards
Add Added logs management via admin panel to edit/delete user activity/trade logs errors
Add Added query to weekly cron job to delete game logs from two weeks ago
Fix Changed donation list by date donated instead of categories
Del Removed multiple for loops for displaying rewarded cards in freebies, releases and join form
Fix Upgraded Stack’s admin layout interface for localization
Cleaned the coding structure for easier management
Changed manual blog post display to the settings variable

1.0.4 (2021 February 03)

Add Added the game settings in the admin panel where owners can add the games they need for their TCG
Fix Changed the default information from about.php and site.php to reflect the pages created from the database
Add Added the CMS feature in the admin panel for TCG’s information page creation
Add Added query to run any scheduled posts to daily cron job
Add Added currency iterations and level badge choice option to the account page
Fix Reverted the member-dependent activity and trades table to original single-tabled setup
Fix Changed currency iterations to database information-dependent variables
Fix Changed currency iterations to `$xn` variables that can be changed via settings
Add Added the `numCurrency()` function to display how much of each currency a member has gained
Add Added the absolute path that can be changed via settings to the file uploads function
Add Allows the TCG owner to set the member registration to open/close

1.0.3 (2020 December 08)

Add Added the accepts random and allows trade through options to user account settings
Add Added `cardSearch()` function to each cards’ subpages (released, upcoming, claimed, donated)
Fix Changed the manually typed TCG name to a global variable `$tcgname` for the title or name of the TCG
Add Added the slot machine game as a token version contrary to the image version
Add Added pre-prejoin feature such as deck voting to release for prejoin and deck donations
Fix Edited the blog query from index.php to show only Published posts.
Add Added referral rewards to automatically send to the user when someone joins the TCG
Added the daily login rewards feature
Add Added the `getItem()` function to display list or amount of user items
Added the `numRewards()` function to display total amount of user rewards
Added the `numMail()` function to display total amount of unread user messages
Add Added the chat box feature for community interactions and can be set to ON/OFF
Fix Automatically sets users to inactive after 60 days
Fix Any on-site contact forms can now be received via on-site mailbox instead of the TCG’s email address.

1.0.2 (2020 August 01)

Add Added event cards feature in the admin panel for catalog purposes