100×100 Icons

These are the icons that I’ve made since 2011 that didn’t actually get the audience it supposed to have. Most of these icons were made for my fan sites. And since that my fan sites have been moving from one place to another, these icons were pretty much left to collect dust on my folders. So now, I’m giving these icons the opportunity to see the sunshine.

Terms of Use

  • Please link back to Design Within (https://www.design-with.in/) if you are using the icons.
  • DO NOT redistribute the icons, refer anyone who needs an icon to Design Within instead.
  • DO NOT edit, manipulate and/or write anything on the icons.
  • All of the icons are currently hosted on Imgur, so you are free to direct-link them if you like.
  • And lastly, DO NOT claim the icons as your own.

Anime / Manga

Alichino (–) Angel Sanctuary (–) Ao Haru Ride (–)
Bleach (23) Durarara (54) Hunter X Hunter (25)
Kimetsu no Yaiba (30) – – – – – –