Programming is addictive

Originally, I was only focused on releasing the online TCG management system that I’ve been working on since 2016 and ignoring the small ones that I’ve made before Stack actually came into mind. I just had a couple of time thinking about sharing these scripts to anyone for free because I enjoy developing. I don’t know, but maybe they may be of some help to beautify your website? I know some of it actually have a better and known scripts like guestbooks and chat boxes but I wanted to create one of my own. They were actually intended only to be used on my sites, but now I’m opening the doors for everyone.

If you are interested to use these scripts made out of love and enjoyment, you are very much welcome to do so! All you have to do is give me a proper credit and link back to this site. Also, if you want to donate for all the time spent to get these scripts to work, that would be awesome too!