Terms of use

Kindly please have a moment to read the following terms of use before purchasing, downloading or taking anything from Design Within. Any person/client who fails or refuses to adhere by the terms set below shall be dealt with personally by yours truly.

In case you spot anyone who did not follow these rules, please report abuse via the contact form immediately. Many thanks~!

General Rules

Take it as the golden rule.

  1. DO NOT claim any graphics and designs as your own.
  2. DO NOT alter, tamper, edit or remove any watermarks if there is any.
  3. DO NOT archive or attempt to resell any graphics and design without my permission.
  4. Always link back to Design Within when it is due and required.

Online TCG Templates

All pre and custom-made, single or bundle packs.

  1. DO NOT edit the templates in any way unless you have my permission; this includes special card templates, level badges and any other templates included in the zipped file.
    1. If permissible, I accept minimal changes to fonts and/or placement of text/numbers. Please make sure to ask first and let me know what you need.
    2. If you have special cards that are fairly distinctive to regular cards, make sure to purchase the bundle template instead.
    3. If you have purchased a custom-made template, our agreement for the final design is strictly unchangeable.
  2. DO NOT blatantly copy the template from the attached PSD files and claim it as your own, especially the custom-made templates.
  3. Always link back to Design Within if you use a template. A text link is perfectly fine; you can also use a button that you may find under the sitely page.
  4. No direct-linking! Please upload all the necessary files you’ll need for your TCG onto your own server or image hosting.
  5. If you have decided not to use the template anymore, kindly please let me know.
    1. All premium card templates that are pre-made are subject to a one-year lock-in period.
    2. Once the template is no longer in use, it will have the one-year period from the moment it’s no longer in use before being put back to the shop and be available for others to purchase.
    3. Custom-made card templates are considered licensed and will never be available for others to purchase.