Excuse the ugly.

DOMILYN • Aki • hidaka
Born November 12 • Dragon • Philippines • Full-time momshie of two beautiful boys.
TCG/fanlisting owner, selective gamer, DDR lover, lives at Photoshop CS6, Opera GX, and Windows 7.
Geek, creative writer, illustrator, graphic and web designer, wanna-be kick-ass web developer.

Web design or any graphics designing in general has been my hobby since I’ve started to learn Photoshop, HTML and CSS way back in 2004. Since then, I’ve made several websites for myself which first started with a blog and a few fansites through GeoCities. In 2007, I’ve upgraded my HTML and CSS knowledge with some basic PHP by making dynamic pages. My lust for coding knowledge didn’t stop me there though. I’ve been teaching myself about PHP since then, until finally in 2013, I was able to develop my own social community website with features similar to any social media platforms (user creation, messaging, photo uploads and the likes).

No Permanent Residency

If you want to reach out to me, you can simply use the contact form. Otherwise, for longer discussions about random things or stalking, you can find me on the links below (unless my internet dies on me)!

paperains / edenTRAP